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The first personal computers were produced not in order to play them. Over time your PC was subjected to constant modernization, introduction of new technical solutions. Nevertheless, even years 25-30 years ago games for the personal computer could be called such a stretch.
In these days PCs are powerful systems that can perform a huge number of functions. The concept of "gaming computer", that is, PC, designed primarily for games, including online. These computers must be not just powerful, but also a harmonious combination of basic components:

• CPU (affects overall performance);
• Motherboard (the relationship of all elements of PC, affects their durability);
• RAM (performance, a very important indicator for games);
• Video (image quality);
• Hard drive (the amount of information stored on your PC).

Personal computer - a worthy competitor's consoles

Whatever may be said about the fact that PC is not originally intended for games, this is not true. Modern games prove it, you just need to have a powerful PC.
You can buy a ready-made PC, but avid gamers prefer to order a computer from components so that it is fit for games. Modern personal computers allow you to enjoy games of all genres, both online and download them from Internet via torrent.

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