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Download games of 2014 PS4 for free.

The community of gamers all over the planet looking forward to the release of a new product from Sony - PlayStation 4 version. The console will relate to the eighth generation. Assuming that a represents the previous PlayStation, which was able to strike into the heart of even seasoned players, SP4 should the good sense to blow up the world!

PlayStation 4: waiting for a miracle

Announced the official sources of technical characteristics of future console is still not entirely clear, but looks impressive:

• Powerful processor based on 8 cores;
• Hard drive with large capacity, up to 500 GB;
• 8 GB of RAM, 7 GB will be available immediately for play;
• High-speed Blu-Ray and DVD drive;
• Upgraded controller.

Among the pleasant things predicted the possibility for players to quickly boast of your best achievements in social networks through online support. Also promised the availability of all games for download.
The disadvantage is the incompatibility with controllers SP3, as well as with previous games PlayStation.

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