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Platform: Wii U
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To download games for Wii U in 2014 for free.

Wii U is another interesting novelty from the company Nintendo. This gaming console first saw the Americans in November 2012, and in December the Russians. The predecessor of the console is a console with almost the same name Wii.
The most significant technical features:

• Processor IBM (3 cores) with a frequency of 1.24 GHz;
• RAM 2 GB, one of which is reserved for games;
• Flash memory 32 GB (8 GB is in a different package);
• Frequency of the graphic chip 550 MHz.

To the dismay of the players, the Wii U can not yet boast an abundance of games. This is mainly due to the policy of the manufacturer. Of the released top can be called Mario Kart 8, LEGO City Stories, and Mass Effect 3.

Nintendo bends his line

The company did not change its traditions and the emphasis for his new again made a exclusive management console. Technical parameters remain quite modest and did not compete counterparts from other companies.
But the unique Wii U controller pleasantly surprised if it had the built-in touch screen, which is very convenient to use in some games.

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