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Platform: Xbox
Download Xbox games 2014 free.

Xbox was born in 2001. This development company Microsoft worked on the basis of limitations of the Windows operating system 2000, a heavily modified specifically for gaming.
Main technical specifications of the console at the time were impressive:

• Central processor-based Intel Pentium 3rd generation (733 MHz);
• Graphics engine Nvidia (250 MHz);
• Jesty drive 8 GB with the possibility of connecting the memory card (8 MB)
• Memory - 64 MB (DDR);
• 4 USB ports;
• Built-in DVD player 5x.

Xbox: play, watch, listen.

With Xbox you can not only enjoy, but also to view DVD movies.
Externally, the console looks good and has a stylish design, based on two skew decorative ribs "rigidity" in the body of the console.
Xbox was the first game in the computer company Microsoft, belongs to the sixth generation of consoles. Based on it was released the next generation console - the Xbox 360.
For Xbox was released a huge set of games, among which there were representatives of top sheets, as Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Delta Force.

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