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Prime World role playing strategy, reminiscent of a world famous for playing DotA and LOL.
The game has no story line, but there is background. Long ago, a mighty power rule one single Kingdom. But a terrible thing happened cataclysm, which split the earth in three of the continent. The first mainland very far separated from the first two and have disappeared on the other side of the planet. On the other two stayed to live people. The world was full of magical energy - Prime, which became his integral part.
On one of the continents was located high mountains, where the energy was only in small numbers and people used it for scientific achievements and create a powerful society was born Empire Docto. Other mainland was in the valley, where Prime killed many people, and those who survived became like elves beings who now can't live without this magical energy. Elves called itself as Udarnitsa.
Now between empires broke the conflict and they are now and then, fighting with each other. Gamers will play for one of the factions, driving one of 11 characters, each with their own abilities and has its own unique skills of combat.
Prime World - only team game. There are 7 game modes - 5 heroes vs. 5, 4 against 4, 3 vs 3, team game against artificial intelligence, defense, and others. You can play, both on the net and in single-player mode - in this case, all the characters are controlled by the AI. As in DotA, wins the team that first destroys the main building of the enemy.
Although in a Prime World only 11 characters, gamers are enormous opportunities for their modification. In his own castle, he needs to train your character, giving it different skills, abilities and their combinations. There are also many items of clothing, reinforcing character. Having met on the battlefield, two of the same name of the hero, always will be different in their strength, because they are "tuned" to different branches and dressed in different clothes.
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