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Puddle is a unique puzzle game released by Neko Entertainment. The basis of the game are physical laws. The task of the user includes the delivery of a liquid in a certain point through the maze. To control the liquid will not. The task more curious to manage the external environment by tilting in different directions. To best achieve the target account should be taken of the laws of friction, speed, pulse, and others. We should pay attention to the properties of the response of the liquid and the environment in which it is being carried out (for example, it may be a fire, electricity and different obstacles.
Movement pools of liquid shown very realistic. But because in too quickly tilt the part pools may not be able to be done the right way and get lost behind. If the slope is small, fluid may not overcome the barrier or evaporate on the fire line.
Beautiful realistic graphics and relaxing music in combination with interesting game will allow the user with a big pleasure to spend time in the game.
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Gameplay Puddle

Gameplay video of the game Puddle. To pass this logical game you need to remember the laws of physics.
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