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The blog Questions and suggestions" blog for collective discussions and suggestions. Here you can share your thoughts and ideas for improvement And you can ask questions that you care about, to ask on features of the site that are not clear. Here you will receive assistance in the use of all possibilities of the game community. All that is written in the blog Questions and suggestions" will be available for discussion. This blog will help make the site more comfortable and open.

Notes when selecting assessment

Viewing assessment for the games, I came to the conclusion that quite a few games appreciated, as would, say, not unbiased, biased, or what... But not in this case. We all have our favorites and can't judge more bespristrastno games that have sunk down to us in the soul of good and bad cases. I thought it would be nice to facilitate the choice of valuation for the player, that is, to provide full information for each assessment, which he chooses (1 of 10). And so it was creative, maximally short (a sentence or two of description, it is very desirable with humor.
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Personal list of user ratings

I would like to see on the page the user his work on evaluation of games, meaning that there will be a list of "Evaluation" user on his personal profile page. And the list would look like this - several tabs

Modification of the list of genres

Please add to the list of Survival Horror genres. After all, it's a real Mature genre that has a lot of fans. To see in the row of the genre, Silent Hill and Resident Evil the word "Action" is somewhat depressing.

Adding platforms

I'd like to see in the list of platforms not less legendary designs like the NES and Sega Mega Drive. Many spent a lot of hours in my childhood these miracle machines and probably could add some games to the base of the site (including myself). Make a gift - add them to the list of platforms.

My suggestions

Hello dear users of the site zobra. I want to offer a few ideas about the development of the site.
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