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Rage is a project that will completely revolutionize our understanding of the game from id Software. This is not a corridor shooter with a short story and cool technology, and compound shooter with open world, in which there arcade racing, ability to upgrade the vehicles and weapons... and all of the same cool technology.

World game Rage will be a post-apocalyptic space, allegedly on the Ground, a huge meteorite fell and destroyed all of civilization. The main hero to protect local residents numerous small settlements from attacks by hordes of monsters. What to race mode, Rage will be provided for tuning the machine. The developers promise players twenty hours "single version" of gameplay, and the mode of the cooperative.
id Software has decided to please the public bright game Rage, in contrast to the dark expanse of DOOM 3. The novelty, of course, will use the new engine id 5 Tech Engine, which will allow you to create a vast open space.

Release date Rage on PC: 04.10.2011
Release date Rage on PlayStation 3: 04.10.2011
Release date Rage on Xbox 360: 04.10.2011
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Rage. There is such a profession - the Barrens clean

Rage. There is such a profession - the Barrens clean In the interactive entertainment industry there are not many companies which for many years was able to adequately endure all the hardships and privations of this harsh business. No more and those who can boast of such a huge experience and list regalia, as id Software. In the best years, the games Studio for many was a revelation.
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Rage on Mac

Game Rage finally coming out on Mac. The official release will take place in the form of Campaign Edition.
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Left console demo shooter Rage

October 4, started selling shooter Rage, created by id Software. After almost two months after the release, the developers decided to release a console demo.
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Yes...I have heard so many positive reviews,and how interesting I read,and actually another DUMMY!!!
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Carmack: No set HD-textures for RAGE

You probably already heard promises Carmack on issuance set with HD textures for RAGE after the game's release. According to rumors, this set was supposed to take about 150 GB, and he had to update all textures are low resolution to a higher one. But as stated by John Carmack, this kit will not work, because the original texture is not very different from those of textures that are used in the PC version of RAGE.
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The first patch for the PC version

Bethesda has released the first patch for the PC version of RAGE. As promised, besides fixing some bugs, it allows you to choose the graphic settings from the list. In comments to the patch says that the game worked on minimum settings, and now finally you can experiment with the quality and performance of different железе.
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Gameplay Rage Jackal Canyon

New video from the game Rage with step-by-step guide to the study of the mysteries of the murders in Jackal Canyon.
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Knurling on the disk Rage

Tomorrow is one of the expected new products autumn Rage from id software. To its outlet I prepared knurling for discs on Xbox 360 and PC versions.
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Details of disk edition for Xbox 360 and PS3

Creative Director of id Software's Tim Willits said the portal Eurogamerthat Rage will be distributed on 3 discs for the Xbox 360 and will take about 8 gigabytes on the hard drive of the PS3.
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