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Gotham City Impostors Gotham City Impostors

Many would like to be a superhero without super powers.And now the light goes Gotham Impostors.Here you can play for the team of Batman, or for the team Jokers.What is the point of this game at 1.There are ordinary people changed in Batman and Jokers (by the Way to choose the suit you can own, and the character selection is yours) 2.The game has a lot of gadgets, tools, stuff (for example, rope hook, jet pack, binoculars, seeing enemies through walls).

Review and video review Runes of Magic

Times when MMORP G were expensive exotic akin to fried snakes under oyster sauce, irretrievably sunk into Oblivion, and even circles from them long ago stopped caring about the glassy surface of the River of Forgetfulness.

Review games Operation 7 Operation 7

To do free-to-play shooter in the era of pay command fighters like Call of Duty or Battlefiel, it is extremely risky. In addition to these projects, the players usually are treated with ridicule and contempt, “they say, what they can offer us, in addition to being free, which may not give the same Black Ops”. However, the Korean developers think differently. “The future for a free FPS!” - they say.

The Darkness 2. Videorecensione Darkness 2, The

Good time! For while we are pleased you video news, personally I accumulated a lot of different notes to the covered games. Most of them, to this day, and remains inaccurate pieces that are understandable only to me, phrases. The rest are ill edit, acquire items, stored in the motion, after which find their place in the articles and these video reviews. I hope you enjoy and like the video reviews will be an integral part Zobra.ru.

Cannon Fodder 3 - review from Bestgamer Cannon Fodder 3

The slogan "war has never been so fun" to some it may seem strange, but all it is - at least in Cannon Fodder 3. If you still remember that crazy and fun game, released in 1993, you can please you - that is exactly it.
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Review by Absolute Games Cannon Fodder 3

The idea to produce a three-dimensional continuation of the cult Cannon Fodder vital for a long time. According to the father of the founder of Sensible Software's John Hare, Codemasters three times took on the project, but all to no avail.
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Review from igray.ru Cannon Fodder 3

And now, thousands of players are content updated and improved Cannon Fodder 3, and for those who haven't yet, I encourage you to read this review.
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Rage. There is such a profession - the Barrens clean Rage

Rage. There is such a profession - the Barrens clean In the interactive entertainment industry there are not many companies which for many years was able to adequately endure all the hardships and privations of this harsh business. No more and those who can boast of such a huge experience and list regalia, as id Software. In the best years, the games Studio for many was a revelation.
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The Binding of Isaac. Was there a boy? Binding of Isaac

For anybody not a secret that in large-scale, expensive projects, it is, sort of, the era of post-modernism. Simply put, the last time the developers actually not invent anything new, and increasingly use the old, time-tested ideas, or otherwise bringing them under the requirements of the time.
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Results Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Space Marine is reminiscent of Gears of War and God of War. About 60% of the time you spend pouring of orcs and other evil lead and plasma, and the remaining 40% off in melee those who managed to break through the fire barrier.
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And again he Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.The continuation of the great shooter from 1 person.What will surprise us in this part,because in my opinion,we got to try everything:we were divers,climbers,we went Snowmobiling and much,much more.

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