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Halo: combat evolved HALO: Combat Evolved

Halo: combat evolved is a game in the FPS genre, was Released in 2001, Microsoft Developers Bungie Studios Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Release date November 12, 2001, windows 30 September 2003
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This Deus Ex Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Cult series Deus Ex again pleases us. In Deus Ex HR humanity stopped at the intersection and unable to make the last step on the way to the heights of development. Genetic modification, Cybernetics and nanotechnology will give only chance for salvation... or will cause universal destruction. You have to uncover the darkest secrets of this amazing universe in the role of Adam Jensen - elite security officer.
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In contrast to Pro Evolution Soccer, gradually leaving the realism, FIFA slowly walking in the opposite direction. The best evidence of the progress that each subsequent part is discouraged to play in the previous. But FIFA 12 is determined to expunge the predecessor of the routine of your day. And no matter you buy the PCor console version for the first time in modern history series they will be exactly the same.
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Smash and crush, and will ask then F.E.A.R. 3

F. E. A. R. 3 is a first person shooter with an emphasis in survival horror developed by Day 1 Studios with the assistance of Monolith Productions. The game is a sequel F. E. A. R. 2: Project Origin and the third game in the series "F. E. A. R.".
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homfront Might and Magic Heroes VI

Homefront (PC) Speaking about the game homefront, you first need to mention that I would not recommend it for people with unstable mentality and children up to 16 years... (that is, the target audience, which actually focuses every video) And all because the game takes place in UD
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Project Zomboid - that's how you'll die Project Zomboid

In fact the game is not for the faint of heart. The game will be a lot of violence, but with the graphics engine Diablo I. the Game was made in the gaming industry, a start-up company, The Indie Stone, consisting of only three people.
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World of Warcraft - the Vast Warcraft'a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

As everyone knows, World of Warcraft began their massive sales throughout Europe and America, after the release of the latest Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, 5 years later. These years the developers wanted to get something new, something new in the world of fiction. They even can not imagine that this game will attract millions of players.
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Live, build, dig Minecraft

When I first started to play it just don't have the strength to break away from the computer and I literally got up after 4 hours of the game happy and tired.
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A new selection of screenshots Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

On the Internet there is a new selection of screenshots, TES IV: Skyrim, which will soon appear on the pages of the magazine GameInformer. The interest that these screenshots "extracted" not quite legally, and are found only in Runet.

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