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Remember Me - absolutely no similar action from the famous developer of the legendary and iconic games Capcom.
At this time the creators send the player in Paris in the year 2084. Mankind has been able to achieve much in the computer and nano technologies, until the introduction of the human mind. Now one of the main products in the consumer market are the memories. You can sell, you can share them, erase or modify.
For the conveniences of life, people began to trade their memories. Some reached the point that they live only in the present - all the past was forgotten, or rather sold.
Our main heroine, Nilin. She is a former elite employee of the Department on the hunt for memories. Nilin has incredible athletic ability and is fluent in many types of martial arts. In addition, she is able through some wireless to invade the person's head and change his memories, as it wants to.
After some time Nilin wakes up in the camera and don't know anything around - it turned out that she'd cleaned out his brains. She manages to escape from prison with the help of the heads of the terrorist movement, the member of which, as it turned out, she is also. From this very moment our heroine begins the hunt for his own memories. However, this is not the only task it has set itself - Nilin also decided to completely change the world.
The passing game is a pleasure, I assure developers. Gamers have to get into the minds of people and change their memories so that they are in reality made any specific actions. In addition, the player will have to fight against numerous enemies only in melee. Gamers available, so-called, laboratory skills, where he will be able to create different combined techniques for his heroine. Fighting is not the only aspect of the game. A lot of time a player will spend to run on various nooks and crannies of the memory of the people using incredible abilities of the heroine in parkour.
Like many masterpieces Capcom, Remember Me to progress through the levels have to guess different riddles and search for the keys to any door.
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