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Resident Evil 6 starts 10 years after the infamous incident in raccoon city (Raccoon City). The catalyst for daring trip will be the decision of the President of the United States of America to tell the world the truth about those terrible events in the hope that this unprecedented frankness will help to curb the spreading across the globe bioterroristic mood. Yes that was tough, savvy terrorists attack the venue notorious press conference, turn the President into one of the victims of the virus and, in fact, put Leon Kennedy, who survived the tragedy in raccoon city, before terribly difficult choice is to kill the head of state or not to kill.
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Resident Evil 6 My thoughts

Resident Evil 6 And so it's only been a few days since the release of the long awaited horror. It was the bomb! Personally, I was thrilled when he was able to finally take on this game! Flew home immediately, pulled out of the fridge a few Beers sat down for the game. And here growled my XBOX went to the pictures and this long-awaited evil voice "Resident Evil six"!
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Evaluation Of Resident Evil 6

The day before the release was the lifting of the embargo on information on Resident Evil 6, so that the network began to appear first reviews the action-horror. As Apricorn, but many reputable publications agree that Resident Evil 6 is a complete failure, which shows the devastating reviews and ratings.
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The PC version will be released in 2013

Capcom haven't announced a tentative release date for the PC version of Resident Evil 6, but Steam did it for her. "Dramatic horror", to which consoles have less than a week, will come down to personal computers not before 2013.
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The first assessment of Resident Evil 6

Getting closer to the release of the action-horror Resident Evil 6, and in this regard, critics begin verdicts of the project. This time were among the first authoritative edition of Playstation: The Official Magazine, the authors of which was generous enough to 90/100 points.
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Capcom is preparing the second demo of Resident Evil 6

As it became known, the Japanese company the developers Capcom is preparing to release a second demo of Resident Evil 6. Already the 18th of this month, all users of the PlayStation Network, as well as gold members of Xbox Live will be able to download the demo. Simple "mortal" owners Xbox360 game will be available only on 25 September. It should also be noted that the owners of the PS3 version of dragon's Dogma can download the demo now.
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Resident Evil 6 gameplay for Hell Wong

Capcom continues to drain into the network gameplay video of Resident Evil 6. This time five minute video dedicated to the game for the closed character - Hell Wong.
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3 new trailer

...which show differences in the game for Chris, Jake and Leon.

Resident Evil 6 Preview

Recently, the release of the demo for Resident Evil 6. After the judges, many players rushed to vent on forums and blogs, say: "I told you that it will be some... something second-rate and not Resident Evil". Is it really so bad, lost any popular series of the last recognizable features.? Let's order.
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