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Retrobooster is a two - dimensional arcade game about space travel, in which you must manage a high-tech spaceship. Use high-tech weapons to shoot no less than high-tech adversaries. But most importantly, perhaps not in this, not in a dynamic game process, not at the levels which appear one after another, and amazing color palette it allows you to call the game a work of art. Bright flashes of light flashed one after another, each time appearing on the locations according to the will of the developer. Sometimes these flashes appear as an integral part of these locations.
Lots of light, high-quality graphics and realistic locations - all together this creates a realistic, albeit invented world.
The gameplay, in turn, is a linear passage levels. Simultaneously, you must collect a variety of bonuses, one way or another, increase your abilities. All of these "points" you need to find, because of the collapsed items they drop rarely.
  • Before us is a dynamic space game in the spirit of Reagan;
  • Test space adventure;
  • Get over hundreds of miles, surrounded by the stunning space outbreaks;
  • Try your aim at breakneck speed;

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