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The debut trailer for the game Risen 2

The debut trailer for the game Risen 2 Risen 2 Dark Waters

The world will be more than in the first part. Each island has its own climate zone, with its own set of monsters and other features. in addition to new monsters in the game adds and normal animals (such as monkeys or wild boars). The behavior and activity of monsters will depend on the time of day. The skill system won't change, but there will be a lot of firearms, ranging from pistols and ending with guns. However, the magic will also. Side quests will become more complicated and diverse.

The developers are working on improvement of the technical component of the game. A completely new engine, the animation technology of motion-capture, high detail characters and monsters, embossed textures, moving clouds, more realistic face. The world will be seamless, and the player will not have to meditate on the loading screens. NPCs will go about their daily business and to communicate with each other.

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  • Date: 07 July 2011 15:00

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