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Running Shadow - a magnificent three-dimensional action, which embodies the ideas of two major series of games from Ubisoft - Assassins Creed and Prince of Percia. Hero Running Shadow is a mysterious young man nicknamed "the Shadow" has unique abilities that help him to come out unscathed almost always. It was fast, and stealth, and jerks. But, if you think that the game will offer you a stress stealth playthrough, you're wrong: everything will be done in the open, with a heavy sword at the ready. But what is then the essence of the mysterious shadow image? Its speed. Our hero is so quick and agile that his presence is very difficult to see, because he runs very quickly. This is perhaps the key feature. For those who like a different kind of magic, we hasten to disappoint: she's not here. Gameplay is based solely on remarkably quick passage of the levels included in their battles. All this complemented the colorful levels in the style of the palaces of the Arab Caliphate, open plains, stone ledges, and so on. And, of course, crowds of enemies, and a variety of traps.
First look at the game gave us a mixed impression: is this the version for mobile devices? So beautiful games on the iOS and Android platforms we haven't seen.
We have already noted that the game is very similar to the two most high-profile project Ubisoft. Indeed, Running Shadow something like historical fiction franchise about an assassin and a fantastic Oriental tale, numbering five or more variations. The hero Running Shadow the same mysterious appearance, like Altair, but he can't hide, throw knives, and everything else, but also deftly climbs the walls, however, to run on them is not able, as does the Prince. At the same time, it is excellent fights, and not devoid of attraction.
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