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Browse mechanical keyboard Oklick 920G IRON EDGE

Browse mechanical keyboard Oklick 920G IRON EDGE 's iron

We continue to talk about the game and not really for gaming peripherals. On turn mechanical keyboard 920G IRON EDGE from the company Oklick.

Traditionally, let's start with picking and packing. The end user receives a keyboard in a fairly large box. Side of the package in sufficient detail tell about what we have to deal with.
Inside of us is waiting for the keyboard itself and information on the operation of the device.

First sight 920G IRON EDGE is striking in its simplicity. Especially unusual to see so minimalistic design, given that most manufacturers of modern games (!) the periphery are increasingly trying to attract the attention of potential buyers is bright, but at the same time ridiculous decisions. Against this background, 920G IRON EDGE looks like a much more serious and Mature.

On the front side of the device there is the usual recesses for the keys. Instead, the buttons are installed straight over the impressive metal plate, which, firstly, protects the structure, and secondly its weight. On the one hand, the extra weight makes the keyboard less mobile, due to the additional weighting device more firmly on the working surface.

Also strong adhesion to the surface of the keyboard help rubber feet located on the bottom side of the device. The legs here are four things, in addition to this keyboard is equipped with two extendable stands. The latter have anti-slip protection in the form of small rubber tips.

Here on the lower part you should pay attention to the wire. At the entrance to the housing of the keyboard connecting cable is protected from fractures. Throughout the length of the wire is protected by a very durable synthetic cover. However, we note that for twisting the excess length of the cord, the manufacturer has provided two strap. Though a trifle, but nice.

Now, as for the mechanics. The life of the local switch is designed for 10 million clicks - that's a plus. The key travel is quite large, and the volume of clicks is decent, but this particular mechanical keyboard. And over time these points get used to and stop paying attention to them, because to interact with the device they do not interfere.

Klaviatura 920G IRON EDGE is equipped with six-color backlight, where for each row of keys is fixed a specific color. The diodes here are pretty bright. They have no complaints. However, while we didn't get too far, I want to draw your attention to the fact that not all characters are equally local keys are evenly lit. A similar problem was observed in the company of keyboards A4Tech, about which we wrote earlier. However, in this model, symbols, which receive less light look more carefully, because the edges of the engravings are not visible starbursts.

However, diodes have five brightness levels, and when it reaches the minimum or maximum level, the device indicates this to the user by means of indicators Scroll Lock and Caps Lock. The seven modes of illumination: the Wave (FN + Ins), Ripple (FN + Home), Receding circles (FN + PgUp), the Traveling wave / Constant backlight (FN + Del), User mode (FN + End), Traces (FN + PgDn), Snake / Rotation (FN + ScrLk). The Traveling wave modes and Rotation can change the direction of the animation when pressing the combination FN + Left and FN + Right.

Also 920G IRON EDGE has ten layouts of illumination. They are all tied to keyboard shortcuts FN + 0-9, and can be reconfigured by the user. The interesting thing here is that the process of customization of keyboard layouts in the User mode will have to perform without the aid of specialized software, because the software for this model. Instead, the manufacturer offers the following statement:

  • 1. Log in to the User mode via FN+END. The keyboard switches to the last selected layout lighting.
  • 2. The FN+0-9 select the desired layout for programming. The keyboard will display the selected layout.
  • 3. Press FN+END. The LEDs for Scroll Lock and Caps Lock starts blinking, indicating that the keyboard entered the programming mode.
  • 4. Pushing the desired keys, set the current layout. Repeated pressing of the button leads either to enable or to disable their backlight.
  • 5. After highlighting the desired key is enabled, press FN+END. The LEDs for Scroll Lock and Caps Lock will stop flashing and the keyboard backlight will be saved under the selected in step 2. Further, the inclusion of the keyboard press FN+N from any mode of the keyboard (N is the number of the layout (0-9) you selected in step 2)


To eliminate the backlight FN key from keyboard to programming mode turn on the backlight of this key. In the future, when you press FN+END to exit programming mode and save the setting, the backlight will turn off FN key before exiting the programming mode will be saved as disabled.

The lack of software, of course, negatively affects the possibility of more fine-tuning of the keyboard. For example, without SW will not reassign the media keys and not tied to the buttons macros. But is it important for 920G IRON EDGE, if you consider that this device offers excellent build, good materials, multi-color lights and all this for a relatively modest price? Let everyone own answer to this question.
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