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Browse mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500RGB

Browse mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500RGB 's iron

Today we would like to tell you about a compact mechanical keyboard with full RGB backlight Rapoo V500RGB.

At first glance, the Rapoo V500RGB similar to both the keyboard, about which we wrote earlier, but as you know, the devil is in the details, so let's try to find the horned.

The package is fairly standard: bright box, which is located inside the keyboard itself, the puller for the keys and user manual. Though Rapoo is a Chinese brand, but in the manual there are pages with the competent Russian-speaking instruction.

Browse mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500RGB 's iron
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Externally there is also a standard set: plastic case with a metal plate on the front side, the design type of the device - “skeleton”, i.e. the switches are installed in the recess and over the flat lid of the case. The keyboard of this type is easy to clean from dirt and dust in addition to V500RGB provides moisture protection. Other design elements can not distinguish almost missing the projections of the edges of the hull, and seven rubber feet on the underside: two pull-out trays and five on the barrel. In addition, it should be said that the local wire does not have the additional fabric protection. However, the rubber sheath cable is quite thick and solid, so we have big doubts that it will be able to damage under normal conditions of operation of the keyboard.

Browse mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500RGB 's iron
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In Rapoo V500RGB is no numpad, but the overall layout is standard and it consists of 87 keys. In this model, all the buttons are based on mechanical switches KAILH blue, similar to the popular and more expensive Cherry MX Blue. The KAILH blue switches have a clear tactile click with the average volume and working resource of 60 million keystrokes.

Kacapi or, more simply, key caps are made of technology “double-shot”, i.e. they are collected from two types of plastic - black on the outside and milky on the inside. Such a method of manufacture of the caps makes them durable. While all caps is engraved in English and Cyrillic characters. The truth is, Russian letters are located somewhat below the English, so some of the symbols visible darkening due to uneven illumination. It's not the light, but simply in the arrangement of letters and LEDs.

Browse mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500RGB 's iron
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Modules RGB-backlight in V500RGB under each key, and by default can work in 18 modes of illumination, which change combinations Fn + F*.

Fn + F1:
  • the simple mode of horizontal waves;
  • mode a simple vertical wave;
  • mode angular horizontal waves.

Fn + F2:
  • mode smooth color change;

Fn + F3:
  • mode colored, gently shimmering tones of individual keys;
  • mode colored, sharply switching random shades of individual keys;
  • mode colored, gently shimmering shades of the series keys;

Fn + F4:
  • mode radiating in all directions waves when the key is pressed;
  • mode divergent on a number of waves when the key is pressed;
  • mode lights up and slowly fading backlight, some keys when pressed;

Fn + F5:
  • a short monochromatic waves moving in both directions;
  • glow mode all keys in one color (without animation);
  • radial multicolor waves that emanate from the center of the keyboard;

Fn + F6:
  • mode “twists” coming from the center of the keyboard;
  • mode converging from the edges to the center of the elements, forming a kind of “exploding sphere” (it is very difficult to explain - you just need to see);
  • mode “of rain”;

Fn + F7:
  • change direction of the animation;

Fn + F8:
  • change the illumination color;

Fn + F9:
  • the increase of speed of the animation;

Fn + F10:
  • reduction of speed of the animation;

Fn + F11:
  • increase the brightness of the backlight;

Fn + F12:
  • reducing the brightness of the backlight;

Fn + Windows:
  • lock the Windows key;

Fn + PS:
  • pressing these keys allows you to assign individual buttons own color;

Fn + PB:
  • mode rainbow shimmering animation.

However because the number of functions highlighting impressive? It's really a variety on any "taste and color". Of course, such an Arsenal of glow is not unique, however, as a rule, devices with a similar set of functions are much more expensive than Rapoo V500RGB. This same model can be found in stores for 3350 RUB

Browse mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500RGB 's iron
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Although, in fairness, it should be said that sometimes the backlight is still treacherously betrays the budget nature of the keyboard. For example, this occurs when the illumination is switched on some mixed shade, like purple (red + blue). At this point, if you start abruptly led on the device the eyes or pull the head, you can see the plume of red and blue light. This happens because the diode consists of three semiconductor crystals: red (R), green (G), blue (B). Thus, to create the desired color in the “light bulbs” are enabled certain combinations of crystals. In more expensive models, usually mounted diodes with one RGB-crystal.

Sorry, we were not able to find working software for Rapoo V500RGB. One of the programs start on the Chinese language, the second refused to save the settings. It is likely that for this model in General does not have the driver and software. Of course, the opportunity to tie the macros or remap the function keys could be a big plus, but even without this Rapoo V500RGB offers a huge range of options.

Rapoo V500RGB is definitely one of the best keyboards that were in our hands. It is convenient, compact, reliable, reasonably quiet and bright thanks to the ultimate capabilities of the backlight.
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