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Developer Oculus Rift promises gamers reasonably priced novelty

Palmer Lucky the Creator of the pen, which came with a helmet virtual reality Oculus Rift has promised gamers an adequate price for this device. In addition, Palmer emphasized that this device is not a toy for the rich, and will be available real gamers and fans of new gaming technologies.
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The Steam Controller will be changed

Valve is the developer of Steam Machines, decided to make changes to the controller in the first place will be to get rid of the touch screen, and replacing it with the traditional control buttons.
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Valve wants their controller was compatible with Dota 2.

The company said that replacing the keyboard and mouse - “the real test”. Valve aims to eventually make Steam Controller (new keypad from Steam) is fully compatible with such strongly bound to the keyboard and mouse games like Dota 2.
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The network has pictures consoles from Steam

Now Internet users can find the first pictures of the Steam consoles that were looted by the American newspaper the Seattle Times. The latter suggested that a closer look at the console will be available in January 2014. This should happen at the Consumer Electronics Show.
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The Announcement Of The PlayStation App

Sony confirmed that the PlayStation App, which was announced earlier this year - will be available for IOS and Android devices on November 13 in North America and Europe on November 22.
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