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Gaming stereo headset Speedlink Martius

Gaming stereo headset Speedlink Martius 's iron

We continue our series of reviews of gaming technology. Today we want to tell you about budget stereo headset Speedlink Martius.

From the factory to the stores and then in the hands of the owner Martius comes in a large box. Inside the package is the headset itself and a huge, fold-out, multilingual manual.

Removing the headphones from the box immediately it should be noted that the casing and all the components of the device are identical to the brand Oklick HS-L400G ZEUS, about which we wrote earlier. But the point here is not that someone someone was peeping or borrowed ideas. In fact, similar body and parts used by many manufacturers in the Assembly of inexpensive headsets. So structural devices a little less than completely identical, and this applies to both advantages and disadvantages, for example, the flimsy attachment between the headband and cups are also available here. And that's part of the design and sound headphones have a few differences.

If you remember, ZEUS, we were criticized for the combination of the glossy base of bowls and matte leather headband. It seemed to us that such a combination of materials look gaudy and cheap. Now, when we have before us is Martius with a fully matte finish, we can confidently say that criticism of the headphones Oklick was more than justified. Thanks to the matte soft-touch coating looks Martius far richer and nobler than the Zeus. Yes that there, even covered with Matt paint of the microphone body looks quite nice.

Performed Speedlink headset in black and red colors. Red color is accented by the inside of the headband, the pattern on the outside of the bowls, mesh under the ears, protective braided cable, and the tabs that hold the headband arc. The rest of the parts are of jet black color.

The outer part of the headband Martius made of soft-touch synthetic leather. Contact with the head portion of an arc stitched red cloth with a foam filler. The ear cushions are made of durable at first glance leather. The inside of the ear Cup stuffed with the same soft foam. These materials do not have memory effect, and rather poorly isolate listener from external sound sources. However, on the head Martius sit comfortably and firmly, do not press on the ears, do not pull your head down from the weight and won't cause fatigue after several hours of continuous play.

As noted above, the cable is here protected fabric shell, its length is 1.8 m at the entrance to the bowl, there is protection from fractures. Connects headset to PC using three connectors: two mini jack and one USB. "Jackie" are responsible for directly microphone and the incoming audio signal and USB energizes the red diodes of the backlight inside the bowls.

The volume level is performed using a small remote on the cable. With it you can optionally enable or disable the microphone.

Microphone are placed in their own rather large body of plastic. To remove it, and slide inside of the bowl is impossible. The sound of the microphone is also not enough stars in the sky. Yes, for multiplayer matches it will fit 100%, but, say, to record a letsplay or podcasts will have to get hold of something more serious.

Directly sound the speakers are also not as "perfect". In this respect, Martius, though not much, but still lagging behind the times already mentioned in this review, ZEUS. There's a lovely bottom, but all that above sounds vague and hollow. Then the owner should adopt some third party EQ, because the headphones do not have their own as well as in General.

On the one hand, the headset is comfortable, neat and efficiently assembled with the other can not distinguish the average quality of the sound. Anyway, given its modest price Martius leaves more positive impressions. If you aim at a device in the price range of 2000-2500, pay attention to this model.

PS: And a few words I want to tell about one very useful thing that has come to us for review along with headphones. Is this thing called Estrado Speedlink Gaming Headset Stand, and it represents a kind of hanger for the headphones.

Agree that you all terribly annoying constantly lying on the table, headphones, wires dangling everywhere, and other related inconveniences. So just this device gives you the opportunity to make the work space more tidy and comfortable.

The device consists of two parts: a base and a metal hanger with hooks for twisting the wire. And if the hanger is nothing more than a piece of bent metal, the base hides a lot more chips than just a beautiful appearance.

The fact that the lower part of the stand is a sound card and a real hub for the various connectors. First, there are four USB 2.0 ports: one for the power stand, the other three can be used to connect third-party devices. Secondly, it is possible to find two ports, mini jack, which just need to plug a headset. Thirdly, as mentioned above, inside the device was the sound card, which is designed to improve the sound quality of the headphones. Hope, of course, that cheap headphones suddenly sounds all the music paints, it is not necessary, because the card is not the most advanced and expensive. However, some minor roughness of the sound stand is easy to fix.

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