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Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310

Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310 's iron

Today, we have to review is not typical (relative to our previous articles), not gaming set: wireless keyboard and mouse Rapoo x9310.

Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310 's iron
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Let's begin with technical characteristics:

  • Purpose: desktop / notebook
  • Kit type: Wireless
  • The type of wireless communication: Radio channel
  • Mouse model: Rapoo 3510
  • Mouse type :Optical led
  • The scroll wheel: Yes
  • The power supply mouse: 1xAA
  • Keyboard model: Rapoo E9110
  • Key mechanism: scissor
  • Keyboard layout: Russian / English
  • Power supply keyboard: 2xAAA

But now go directly to the familiarity with the devices. The set is assembled into a neat package of thin glasses. Inside we are waiting for a compact keyboard, a mouse, a short manual and a set of batteries. As you know, both devices are powered by AA-batteries: one AA from mouse, keyboard, two AAA. As far as a single charge us to test and failed, because during the monthly operation of the battery discharge is not in time. However, according to the manufacturer the device can operate without replacement of batteries on the average up to one year.

Externally, the keyboard and mouse look almost as similar devices from the Magic Apple. The same modest size, the same tapered profile, but that's the price tag for Rapoo much more democratic. The design of these devices as simple, but stylish. They are ideal, for example, those who have insufficient space on the desktop, and those who are not happy with the motley gaming devices.

Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310 's iron

On the front side of the keyboard plastic panel with slots for keys. The contour is a thin chromed profile that attracts the eye. The reverse side is made of painted in a pleasant blue color of the metal. But stand with a compartment under the battery plastic. Also here you can see the switch “On / Off” and five small, but extremely grippy rubber feet.

Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310 's iron
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The keyboard has a small thickness. The thickest part of the device stand. This item can not be removed, because inside of it, again, built a place for batteries. The manufacturer did not exclude digital block of the keyboard design, however, the buttons Insert, Home, Delete, End, Page Up, Page Down space in this layout was not found. More precisely all of these features are present, but engineers Rapoo combined them with other keys. Because of this the manufacturer was able to save a lot of space, so that the keyboard is so compact.

The buttons themselves are made of rough plastic. The mechanism of the keys - scissor, that is, in contrast to the traditional “membrane” local buttons mounted on special holders, which distribute the load equally during the presentation. Scissor mechanism allows to eliminate sticking and make the key travel is smooth even when hitting your finger on the edge or corner of the button.

As for the mouse: compact, flat profile, matte plastic housing without Softtouch cover, two standard buttons, scroll wheel, a simple optical sensor, switch “On / Off”, three thin Teflon feet.

Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310 's iron
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The keys of the manipulator is quite a quiet click and the complete absence of any backlash. Wheel without texture, but with a rubber coating. Scrolling is very quiet, and the cutoff is crisp. And why this gaming mouse, it is impossible to put these wheels?

Quality Teflon feet too happy, because the material performs well on different surfaces, but it would be nice to make the legs a little thicker or put in a set an extra set for replacement.

On the belly rodent you can see the button that is responsible for opening the compartment under the battery. To replace the battery, press the above mentioned button and then the housing upper part can be completely removed. This process is quite inconvenient, because the hooks of the hull all the time and get stuck every time you have to think about not to break anything.

Overview of the wireless set Rapoo x9310 's iron
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Quality Rapoo x9310 almost no complaints. This set of devices is ideal for those, who strives to save the workspace, anyone working with large amounts of text, who loves to interact with the PC from your sofa.
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