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Nintendo 3DS vs Sony PlayStation Vita

In connection with the recent statement about Nintendo reduce the cost of 3DS Japanese website 4Gamer has decided to conduct a small survey, which found that about one-third of the owners of the portable console or very dissatisfied with the new pricing policy of the manufacturer, or altogether regret your purchase.
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The cost of the PS Vita will not be over $249

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, said that from the beginning of the development of the PlayStation Vita, the company has established a limit value of future handheld console. According to him, experience with expensive PlayStation 3 is sufficient, and now the official price of the PS Vita will not Bo

LG decided to compete for first place in the market of games for handheld platforms

In the unending struggle between portable consoles – first DS against , now 3DS vs. PS Vita – we have lost sight of the smartphone manufacturers. Their pathetic attempts to enter the "professional" gaming market could only boast of multi-million income, not a love of real gamers. And all would be well, if not many years of war between the Japanese and Koreans. First continue to delight us with bits of his brilliant mind, and the latter are trying to outdo their neighbors.

Sony is preparing to release the PlayStation 4 next year

If you've been waiting to buy a PlayStation 3 and have already raised the necessary money and prepare to go to the store – you are making a mistake. According to The DigiTimes, the next year will be the next generation of consoles - the PlayStation 4.
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