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Review of the GAMDIAS Hephaestus headset V2 Surround virtual 7.1 sound

Review of the GAMDIAS Hephaestus headset V2 Surround virtual 7.1 sound 's iron

Today in our hands gaming headset with virtual 7.1 audio Surround V2 Hephaestus from GAMDIAS, a Taiwanese company.

First run through is presented on the official website of company specifications:

  • Color – black
  • Sound virtual 7.1
  • Diameter - 50 mm dynamics
  • Sensitivity - 119 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Impedance - 32 Ohm
  • Neodymium magnets – no
  • Microphone sensitivity - 40 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Case material – plastic
  • Material ear cushions – leather
  • Interface – USB
  • Cable - 1.9 m
  • The dimensions of the microphone 6,0х5,0 mm

The headset comes in a neat box made of hard cardboard. The quality of the packing material, as well as printing on the exterior, the manufacturer did not save. Inside us waiting for the headphones and user manual.

On the box you can see a description of the main “chips” of this device. More information can be found on the official website of the Russian division of GAMDIAS. We would like to talk in more detail about each of these features to Express their opinion, compared with the positions of these elements manufacturer and that they are actually.

1. Foldable design

The manufacturer claims: when folded, the headphones are flat.

In fact: In the design of Hephaestus Surround V2 are hinges by which the headphones can be folded. The bowl can be turned so that the device took a flat look. Also Hephaestus 2 can be folded, and another, more compact way, as shown in the following photo:

It may be useful to carry, if you, say, go to relax and decide to take Hephaestus V2 Surround myself.

2. Remote control

The manufacturer claims: Convenient volume control and the ability to enable/disable the microphone during the game.

Actually: On the cable the device is really a small remote. Only in addition to the wheel control volume and the power button/mute there is also a button to enable/disable the backlight and another button which say later. The remote is pretty neat and made in the General device style: beveled lines, the ZEUS logo on the front. It's up to the pros. By cons include the fact that the volume wheel does not have a stopper in the end positions, that is, for example, if you're trying to twist the volume to maximum, it does not feel when the wheel reaches the limit point, it just turns endlessly in both directions. Here, probably, it is necessary to say a few words about the cable. It consists of two parts. Between the Cup and the remote control soft and light cable in high quality fabric braided, between the remote control and USB connector more solid and heavy piece of cable in the same sheath.

3. Acoustic superiority GAMDIAS

The manufacturer claims: 50 mm speakers deliver unmatched sound quality with a perfect balance of high and low frequencies.

Actually: the quality of high and low frequency of claims and the truth is not. They sound convincing. But the middle of the headphone in factory settings is not particularly impressive. However, this can easily recovers EQ that goes inside the shell HERA.

4. Tight bass

Manufacturer says: Low frequency is converted into a ripple, evenly distributed on the ear pads to give the opportunity to feel the sound.

Actually: From Hephaestus V2 Surround good bass sound that flatters interesting "feature". Remember, we promised to tell you about another button on the remote headphones? So this key is responsible for vibration. In V2 Surround speakers Hephaestus built a so-called vibrator, which is a nice hit on the ears and the parotid space of the head during bass reproduction. A similar “trick” boasted Sony, when they released a gaming headset Pulse. There is this feature called BassImpact. For reasons unknown it was not very good, because fibermodul in Pulse not repeated rhythmic pattern of the low frequencies, but rather was hitting the ears at random and forced to jump a headset on his head. Here everything works exactly as it should, that is, in that moment, when the drummer hits the kick, the listener feels the blow with your ears and skin.

5. Virtual 7.1 sound

The manufacturer States: Virtual surround sound, and drivers with neodymium magnets provide a superior audio quality with clear sound positioning.

Actually: About the virtual 7.1 sound the manufacturer did not lie. Surround sound here is really is, and it is quite accurately implemented. The positioning of sound in games is good, no problems with understanding how, for example, is heard the tramp of the enemy.

6. Adjustable noise cancelling microphone

The manufacturer says: the Microphone can be fixed in any convenient position. Featuring noise canceling technology, preventing the ingress of extraneous sounds in the voice channel.

In fact: All true. The Omni-directional microphone here. It is made on technology "goose neck", that is the basis of the microphone is a metal tube that bends easily in all directions. Unfortunately, disconnect the microphone from the bowl is impossible.

7. Software HERA

The manufacturer claims: a unified software environment for HERA GAMDIAS peripherals allows you to configure and bind to the keys the display and sound alerts time programming, macros, and much more.

Actually: There will have to translate the language of marketing in Russian. In fact HERA is the same for all GAMDIAS devices app. So you don't need to struggle to look for a driver for a single device model on the manufacturer's website. Instead, you just download HERA, install, run, connect the device to a PC and the program automatically finds and loads the network driver for this device. It's nice that GAMDIAS thought this issue and simplifies the lives of owners of their equipment.

The feature set for V2 HERA Hephaestus Surround allows you to configure an equalizer, enable/disable surround sound, to build a personal location of the speaker in a virtual environment, apply voice modulation to adjust the microphone and to activate/deactivate the breathing mode of the backlight.

It's all the features that GAMDIAS leads on your website and on the packaging of the device. But it would be unfair not to say about several characteristics of Hephaestus V2 Surround. For example, it is worth noting the impressive size of the headphones. Due to large bowls, the device looks a bit bulky. But the usability is not affected, that is, part weight, and part of sensations Hephaestus V2 Surround on the head has no complaints. The arc of the headband is made from two plastic strips which are placed inside a leather cover with fabric on the inside.

Pleased to Hephaestus V2 Surround such detail as the numbers on the tick marks of the reeds, the connecting arc and of the bowl. Just a nice detail that is often lacking in other headphones.

Also you can not go past the stoplight. The bowls of the device are two modest half-arches, under which are red LEDs.The backlight is nice and uniform.

Many manufacturers of gaming devices, especially in the budget segment, are increasingly trying to sell not the quality and appearance. GAMDIAS same going the opposite way. Let Hephaestus V2 Surround looks quite modest relative to many other gaming devices, but the build quality, materials, sound, and many pleasant things headset gives odds to many even more expensive devices..
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