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Review of the keyboard from A4Tech Bloody B845R Zobra.ru

Review of the keyboard from A4Tech Bloody B845R Zobra.ru 's iron

Hi. Today we have the review turned out to be keyboard A4Tech Bloody B845R, combining innovation and openly disputed decision. But about all under the order.

Traditionally, let's start with the packaging. The package consists of a box in the signature style of the brand Bloody, keyboard, set of interchangeable silicone keys (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F), puller to replace them, notes with instructions on connecting, supports for the palm and a pair of bolts for fastening the stand to the body of the device.

Appearance and construction the keyboard is very similar to the appearance of the Bloody B830, a review of which you can find on our website. Looks like the device severely. The brutality of the design gives the metal plate and the bolts that attracts her to the front side of the housing. Here, on the front side we can see that the keys are inserted over the plate, no grooves for accumulation of dust and dirt there. On both sides of the building the Windows are of translucent plastic.

On the bottom of the device has four rubber legs. In addition to these, there are two pull-out racks which are covered by caps made of red plastic, which reduces the sliding keyboard on the surface. Here we see part of the body wire. Entrance, a spiral from the kinks, the cable is inside a protective fabric sheath.

Looking at the keyboard, you may have noticed an unusual feature - a digital unit here is located on the left. As the manufacturer says on the box the device numpad placed to the left in order to give more space mouse. Quite a strange argument, because if you want to make room for the mouse, you need to get numpad at all. But whatever it was, surely such a key arrangement seem easy.

Key B845R installed on an innovative optical switches LK (Light-Strike), has a number of impressive characteristics. The course of the operation switches of 1.5 mm, at the same time, the speed with which the keyboard responds to a pressing of only 0.2 MS, which outstrips the performance of most common switches. Sound clicks when the trigger switch is also impressive, but is it written in the pros, I will not. The fact that LK, though fast, but at the same time loud enough switch, so before buying, I would advise you to think carefully and decide what is more important is the silence or speed.

B845R backlit. However, as in B830 illumination of the characters has a nasty feature. The local switch is arranged so that the diode is not in the center, and at the top of the switch. Hence, it appears that the symbols on the upper part of the keys are highlighted as necessary, but additional items below appear dimly.

But if B830 could only glow in red, the observation model is embedded full RGB backlight that everything else has the option of choosing different pre-set modes and create your own.

For this program KeyDominator1 a special editor where you can create light modes independently from scratch or to edit existing templates. Later, the finished pattern can be saved in a separate file and share it with your friends. If desired, the backlight can create almost works of art or at least to use the chip, in order to allocate the necessary at a particular moment keys. It should be noted that the editor itself is quite handy, for the development of its principles of operation is about five minutes.

Here you can reassign the functions keys, for example, by tying some of them to other functions. In addition, the program allows to use the editor to create your own macros, or choose from a list of available preset settings for the individual game or the genre in General.

Fail under all of the above line. Bowl with the pros Bloody B845R significantly outweighs the bowl with flaws. This is a really good keyboard, with a specific design feature. It is because of the unconventional location of the digital unit, we would not venture to advise this device to everyone. Those who are this detail doesn't scare you, definitely worth to pay attention to this model.
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