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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected - addition to the original Saints Row IV. DLC is being developed by companies Volition and High Voltage Software. The release is scheduled for January 30, 2015 for all the most popular today stationary platforms. The game will be distributed as a paid addition or as a free bonus for all buyers of the original Saints Row IV.
The addition will be the story, and this story is not in any way affiliated with the original SR IV, any other DLC. Independent plot will develop not just anywhere, but in hell. There will sent the heroes to save the President, the main hero of the original game. But he got there by Satan that no matter what was wanting to the President and his, Satan's daughter got married.
  • Dynamic gameplay uncensored main trick Sains Row is stored here.
  • A fascinating story.
  • Mode for one or two players.
  • Two characters.
  • Large-scale geography - that is, the game will be developed in different parts of the well-known city.

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