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Saints Row: The Third - the third part of the famous TV series. The main characters will again become members of the gang Third Street Saints who will have to enter into a merciless war with competitors of the powerful organization of The Syndicate. Mission in Saints Row: The Third will become more diverse, besides the most part of them will go different ways. As an example of reference, in which the player and his associates will need to capture the yacht with prostitutes. Following the instructions, you will be able to decide the fate of the priestesses of love is to return them to the owner for ransom or to open your own brothel.
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A new addition to the game

THQ and Volition have released a new trailer for the new downloadable add-ons for the game Saints Row: The Third. The addition is called Genkibowl VII, and will be available for players already on 17 January.

Additions Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third - Explosive Combat and Z Style DLC Packs will add skins and gear in the game, which greatly enrich it.
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Interview with the developers of Saints Row: The Third

Creating open world crime action game Saints Row: The Third, the developers of Volition, as noted in an interview with CVG leading writer of the project drew Holmes (Drew Holmes), drew inspiration from hits Rockstar Games - L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption.
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Wait for the continuation...

No sooner had the players to wait for the release of Saints Row: The Third, as the head of THQ, Danny Bilson (Danny Bilson), said that the team Volition is already working on the next series of games.
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A group of "Saints Row" opens the set!

Stayed 1 week and 2 days before the release of Saints Row: The Third on this occasion, offer a set of group "Saints Row" for those who already pre-order or is going to do and spending time together.
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Saints Row: The Third new opportunities

In many games you doulas certain core for example in GTA you could travel to any cars or here's an example of the race where the goal is to overtake. we present to your attention Saints Row: The Third is more than just a game.
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