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Serious Sam 3: BFE - fun arcade game from the developers Studio Croteam. This is a great move in the virtual gaming world with the passing from the first person.
The product belongs to crazy exam arcade-style, when you need to constantly put pressure on the trigger and kill endless onslaught of attacking enemies and wild beasts. Shelters and stops there. To save your character can only be great courage and true masculinity.
In the game a lot intimidating hostile beings: new battalion with unforgettable subordinates, including giant Kham and rattling Scramjet. They are ready to join the headless kamikaze, bulls werewolves and gnaar, thus creating the invincible might of the enemy forces, which, apparently, was finished in previous versions.
Updated look exciting environment: battles take place in the vast expanses of the near future of Egypt's total chaos. Ruins of ancient cities, neighboring abandoned temples that will be a platform to fight strong opponents.
The action entails the following advantages: a devastating Arsenal of destruction melee attacks, takes, perfect multiplayer mayhem, modes with split screen.
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This rustic art

Sea of blood, pieces of meat, ammunition and a huge amount of boy to go home with you monsters-all this and made a series of Serious Sam really great.

It's time to shoot the pumpkins!

On the nose already Halloween and developers of Serious Sam 3: BFE decided to cheer us thematic update and discounts at popular Steam.
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Announced release date of the game Serious Sam 3 Xbox 360

Developers of Serious Sam 3, and Microsoft has promised to release an Xbox 360 version of the game this year.The third series of adventures Serious Sam appears on the console this fall. About working on a console version of Serious Sam 3 only became known last week. According to the developers, work began immediately after the release of the shooter on the PC and is still ongoing. Croteam has also promised to consider the game's release on PlayStation 3.

The release date of the game Serious Sam 3: BFE moved

Team Croteam has announced that the release of Serious Sam 3, which was previously scheduled for October 18, was postponed to November. Alain Ladavac (Alen Ladavac) from the Studio developer told about this sad news on the game forums.
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Screenshots from the game Serious Sam 3: BFE

Published new screenshots from the game Serious Sam 3: BFE from the company Croteam. The release is scheduled for completion in September this year. The Russian version will release "1C-SoftClub".
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Release date in Russia

Continuation of a series of Serious Sam games awaits players in September of this year. In Russia the game will release 1C-Softklab game will be called serious Sam 3 (original — Serious Sam 3: BFE). In the Russian edition of the game will be entirely in Russian. The release is scheduled for September 2011. The game works Croateam, in other countries the game's publisher — Devolver Digital.

Screenshots from the game

Series of shooters under the name Serious Sam tells the story of a fierce and bloody struggle "cool" men named Sam stone with an army of alien zaslantsy. Sam frantically beating one against many armies, bypassing many parts of the world and historical periods. He is fighting the enemies in Ancient Egypt.

The debut trailer for the game

The triquel of the famous series will be a prequel to the very first part - Serious Sam: The First Encounter. Action Serious Sam 3: BFE will unfold in Egypt of the 22nd century, where we have again to face the hordes of crafty Mental'and.
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