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Shadows of the Damned is a console action game from the Studio Grasshopper Manufacture.
The creators of “Resident Evil” and “No more heroes” are all fans of the genre of Survival horror his new creation. Here there is a mixture of slaughter of action and dark horror, so the hero Garcia to Hotspur will not be easy, despite the fact that he mater demon hunter.
The player will enter the City of the Damned, to find his kidnapped friend and to deal with those who started all this. To help volunteered companion - a former demon that as no one else knows how to find justice against evil spirits.
Partner regularly turns into a variety of deadly weapons, which gamer and demolish the towers all the villains. During the game, Garcia and his faithful friend will have to establish relations with the forces of light, without which their own to defeat the army of darkness they would be unlikely.
Unique gameplay, challenging puzzles, the atmosphere of terror and fear is all the more abundantly present in the Shadows of the Damned.
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