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Shenmue II is a continuation of the famous RPG-adventure game Shenmue. The main game takes place directly after the story of the original part. The protagonist Ryo, Hazuki away from their native lands, and to follow in the footsteps of his enemy. He killed his father and Re obsessed with revenge, so without hesitation sent to Hong Kong. There he will find the answers to their questions and in parallel to unravel the history of the Phoenix Mirror. Only the main character doesn't know yet that started in Hong Kong investigation will lead him far from home and on the road waiting for the most amazing adventures.
As for the gameplay, here he remained on the same level. Only in Shenmue II, the creators of the most refined details that distinguish the project from its predecessor. One of the innovations was a consistent effect, where are not so many available battle as a cinematic event. Now some NPCs can help the protagonist, which speeds up the pace of the game. Were added and non-linear events that gamer independently selected upcoming events. In addition, the complicated process of getting the funds they need to earn. There is no system of automatic accrual of Finance every day.
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