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Action Shinobido: Way Of The Ninja takes place at the end of the Muromachi period of the late 16th century the Influence of the government Ashikaga is under threat. Excitement is ready to escalate into civil war. Even Utakata the richest and peaceful province of the house Ichijo, dragged into the conflict. And that's clan Asuka Ninja, protecting Utakata, destroyed in one night provincial warlords and competing ninja-clans. Utakata accepted the challenge... and you have every means to protect honor and riches of his province. - Enjoy flexible movements ninja and develop superhuman abilities of your ninja. - Use a variety of tactics ninja to survive in the ruined Utakata! Hide, slide, hit enemies by surprise! Deceive and distract without being noticed. - Amazingly detailed three-dimensional cities and buildings with many labyrinths and hiding places. Historical realism medieval Japan everywhere!
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