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From a project that has given up its own publisher, Sleeping Dogs has turned into a mater of Hong Kong action: triads, showdowns in the style of kung fu and bloody skirmishes. If each cancelled game came back in such great shape, we would be absolutely happy.
In the course of Sleeping Dogs, we learn that bosses Chinese triads love to bury traitors, informers and disgraced police still alive. Exactly the same with the game entered Activision, at one time rather than continue the development of True Crime: Hong Kong and throwing desperately resisting body in a wooden coffin.
As a real fighter, a project he ate his way to the refreshing air in time Square Enix has unearthed choking game, seeing in it the potential. To start a new life, Chinese bandit had to change the name in the passport for Sleeping Dogs. Well, now Activision probably easily pulls out his teeth to own elbows - despite the difficult path to the release, the game was great.
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Sleeping Dogs will have multiplayer

Ardent fans of Sleeping Dogs has decided to expand the features of the game, having developed a special modification that allows you to play in multiplayer mode. What was ignored by the developers fixed enthusiasts.
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Sleeping Dogs - Trailer for the new DLC

Trailer povedenie two small DLC: Street Racer Pack and SWAT Pack, which adds to the game race on motorcycles and boats, as well as 20 missions for the police.
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