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John Mullins - at first glance an ordinary policeman. The location of the next crime together with Mullins comes his partner, Aaron Parsons, Callsign “Hawk”. They had no doubt that what is happening in the underground station cannot be ordinary hooliganism, other police officers who first arrived at the crime scene, did not wait for reinforcements and tried to restore order on their own, but the radio still no one responded. At the station there were people, now they have become hostages, which at any moment to be shot. The situation is critical - on the warpath with the whole new York has left the organization, which should be eliminated! In the next couple dozen hours in the role of fighter anti-terrorist company "The Shop" this is something you have to do. You are the Soldier of Fortune, soldier of Fortune. Any tool to maintain order, whether ordinary knife, Silver Talon 44-caliber or faithful shotgun Berserker, which even in the dark backwoods you can feel at home, will match tightly compressed to strong jaws and indomitable will of the fighter of special purpose by John Mullins. The player will have become a social plumber, using the full power of available weapons. However, the anti-terrorist organization specializes in the investigation of domestic homicides and other routine, which burdened the ordinary police of new York. The field of activity of "The Shop" is much wider, so get ready for a long trip, you must come back alive. Makes this action almost natural bloodletting and, as a result, severe injury, deformity and dismemberment, which undergo grief-militants after a short meeting with a machine gun or something really serious. Although much more serious destructive fire potential weapons, multiplied by “alternative” modes, is able to post to the nines any human army. No fiction. But sometimes there are special individuals, some privileges reshivshiesya impenetrable armor. These carry heavy pistol and with confidence hundred-ton tank blocking the road to our agent. That will be attacked, beaten and drawn from their metal cocoons. Contemplation obasanya corners of the ill-fated subway and non-stop firing on its inhabitants - it gets better. Ahead the path is several times longer than those that you usually have to overcome in computer games. The trail of the mysterious organization stretches across eight countries, periodically putting the player in a deadlock situation. March or stealthily, but Mullins need to go through these eight circles of hell. And do not expect them cheap soothing monotony saying that there shot, and then ran away, sometimes the complexity surpasses even at a low level. The enemies are ruthless, always open fire, do not disdain to retreat, then attack again; Boyko yell in their native language and quickly die from surgical penetration of lead in the head. If the on-screen violence seem too Frank, you can disable it. But will disappear fair share of the game: along with “Hollywood” production cut-scenes hours this grinder is able to inspire not one week. Old-fashioned krupnoplodnyh character models and disproportionate interior compensated memorable level design, grouped into episodes, uniting predictable, but no less remarkable story. With the first job without training obstacle course a La “jump-go-jump”, Mullins is in the very heart of the global threat.
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