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Tekken 7 is the next part of the acclaimed fighting game, the name of which is translated not only as "the Tournament", which still deals with Studio NAMCO, which means to wait for something radically new to not have. Apparently, the changes will affect things that affect the overall impression of the game. Battles will be more realistic: developers gradually improve the combat system, making it more responsive. So, the famous series of blows when you are using one combo could put the opponent in just a few minutes, leave to the side. Now boevka will become more balanced, centered; you will not knock out series, and strikes to go to win. Apparently, in Tekken 7 developers will bring elements of their favorite players, who have tested Tag Tornament-2. The most significant elements of the project was a system that allows thinking time before the death of the enemy, kill him some beautiful combos, and to see the sacred K.O.
The project is growing, and it's obvious. The game has long outgrown their forefathers - the Street Fighter series, however, stubbornly refuses to get off their homes - such a cosy and comfortable. A place called - exclusive projects PlayStation. It, however, is clear: to control the game much more enjoyable on the joystick than the standard keyboard for gaming PC manipulator. And only some allow myself to buy a gamepad. However, this did not bother the developers of Mortal Kombat, which is the 10th installment of the series, expect to provide the PC version.
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Trailers of new characters for Tekken 7

The developers of the fighting game Tekken 7 introduced new characters. Also, the authors of the game have revealed the first trailer for the villain of Nigana from the TV series "the Walking Dead".
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Heroes trailer Tekken 7

The company and publisher Bandai Namco unveiled a new trailer for fighting game Tekken 7, which is dedicated to the heroes of the game.
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