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The Bard's Tale is a fascinating journey, full of humor and adventure. The protagonist of the game Bard. He wanders the world, glory to him, not needed, and beauties saves for the sake of gain coins for their pleasures.
Because of this lifestyle, the Bard had been involved in shootouts with fanatics of one of the Orders. To achieve its goal of "hero" bard, you must defeat the fire-breathing rat, bypass of the Valkyries, goblins, bored skull.
The game is linear, the new levels are opened only when the hero is moving forward. No backpack for select equipment: select all objects become coins or clothing immediately.
But, despite this, the game will generate genuine interest among gamers. Why are only witty dialogues, remarks the narrator, with undisguised sarcasm, when our hero with him sometimes communicates or pererugivalis. Cheer choir of drunks with a funny glorification of beer, a terrible story about moron, good singing pulses when the Bard turns his into a dead fool.
The armament of the bard quite significantly, and characteristics of the vitality he has a lot with which to defeat the hero is not so easy, and the list of his talents is constantly updated.
Despite the simplicity of the game, ”The Bard's Tale” leaves the gamer pleasant memories, spent hours of fun and entertainment.
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