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To the Moon is an independent role-playing game created by Studio Freebird Games, which includes only a few developers. The story tells about the doctors eve and the Nile, is able to penetrate into the mind of the patient and to rewrite life. Interactive drama unfolding on the screen, replete not only sad, but also funny moments. One sometimes has the impression that the creators purposely insert humorous scenes to create the right atmosphere, quickly forcing the entire storyline in drama. Another advantage of the project is its simple graphical part. The game engine is not able to generate thousands of polygons, but To the Moon only wins, helping the player to concentrate solely on the story.
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To The Moon is a complex and multifaceted project, created using a simple software a handful of professionals.

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To the Moon - project-alone, worked only a few people. Adventure game tells the story of two scientists who must penetrate into the brain of a dying patient and to rewrite his past memories.

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