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Guide: how to play for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege

Guide: how to play for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

In this article we will explain in detail about the various tricks and tactics for operative Finka from the update Operation Chimera for Rainbow Six Siege.

Extreme game update, which was held recently, included the different technical and cosmetic improvements. However, the update added a new field investigators of the attack. For the time that managed to pass with the release of "Chimera", we are pretty tightly studying new men and ready to tell you about them. Let's start with the "Finca".

Russian operative named Finka is in the game squad against biological threats CBRN. In this unit, the girl moved from the special Forces.

The Finca has a second speed level and the second level of armor. On the battlefield the girl takes the role of fighter support. Due to his main skill, she can enhance healthy soldiers and lift the wounded.

Before each match, the operative shoots members of his squad a special being injected with nanobots. Until activated bots in the veins is passive, but as soon as the Fink brings a mixture of nanoparticles in action, the team get a bonus to combat ability and health.

Healthy men attacks receive a bonus of 20 units of health reduced the recoil of the weapon and speed of transition in the aiming mode. The wounded operatives when you activate the buff can stand up and continue the battle with 25 units of health. To use this skill is available only three times per round. In addition, the effect of bots is temporary, it lasts only 20 seconds. That is, after the third minute bots re-enter in passive mode and fighters will lose the extra life points. It concerns and raised after being wounded fighters at the end of the action buff, they will remain with 5 units of health. But the strengthening of the Russian operatunity works at any distance. In other words, the Finca can raise or strengthen allies, even if they are on the other end of the map.

Combinations operatives

Guide: how to play for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

  • Finka + Ying. The operative Yin wears special goggles that prevent blindness and stun grenades gadget Candela. At the same time, under the influence of nanobots operatives attack much faster the effect of the stunning "flash" grenades and "Thunder". Thus, if the team is Finnish and the Yin, the entire squad turns into a powerful assault machine which within minutes can blind enemies on the point, clean the area and snatch a deserved victory.
  • Finka + Zofia. Initially, the Polish Zofia the operative was capable of faster than anyone else to carry the effect of pomegranate "Thunder" and the shock of shells from his grenade launcher KS79 LIFELINE. In combination with the same effect nanobots Finn stun Zofia takes place almost instantaneously, which makes the Polish girl insanely powerful attack.
  • Finka + Montagne / Blitz / Fuze. Due to the fact that bots Finn is able to dampen the impact and to speed up the aiming, the soldiers with shields become impenetrable fortress. At lightning speed into aiming mode siloviki able to deliver a lot of pain to the opposing team.
  • Finka + Ash / IQ / Hibana / Capitao. Due to its speed such operatives as Ash, IQ, or Capitao Hibana is able to deliver a lot of problems for the defending team. Now imagine what would happen if the fast units attack Finca impose its terrors. Players protection is not to be envied.

Protection operatives are able to directly confront the nanobots Fink

Guide: how to play for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

  • Frost. Silky frost nullify the actions of nanobots. A Russian operative is how to activate your ability to pick up caught in the snare of the companions, but nothing happens.
  • Lesion. GU-mines Ligena instantly bring down the effect of injection Fink.
  • Echo. Bot fighter Echo Yokai interrupts the work of the nanoparticles.
  • Smoke. Gas Smoke increases damage operatives under the influence of the skill of Finn. In this case, the gas shoots up to 30 units of health per half second. That is, in two seconds the grenade Robot can carry 120 units of health.
  • Pulse. Generally heart rate sensor heart rate can detect heart rhythms fighters attack at a fairly short distance. But if the Shiv activates its ability, the hearts of the operatives assault squad starting to beat faster and louder. In this case, the Pulse sensor can see opponents over longer distances.
  • Mute. If Fink will join the jammers Mute, it will not be able to activate the nanobots.

The most effective options of using the main weapon of the Finnish

Guide: how to play for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Spear .308

Assault rifle .308 Spear is a great weapon for long and medium distances. It has a good balance, quite high damage, good rate of fire and a magazine for 30 cartridges.
For maps with large areas and long corridors Spear .308 is better to use in conjunction with ACOG, flash Hider and vertical grip.
The smaller maps are best to equip a Spear .308 mirror sight, nadolnyak and a vertical grip.

Guide: how to play for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


Shotgun SASG-12 is best used on a particularly dense maps. This weapon is often underestimated as a shotgun in the attack in bad taste. However, due to the ability of the Finn to lower the recoil and aim quicker SASG-12 becomes extremely effective. Add to this a mirror sight, a laser designator and a vertical grip and get a really deadly enemy mower tel.


Once the knife was called Doc for the attack, but, as you know, this is not true. The ability of operativity does not treat team members, it only temporarily adds 20 health, raises wounded and gives bonuses to attack. While playing for the Finn it is worth remembering that a maximum of 120 units of health, which can give the nanobots is not stone armor and not shield of Montana. In fact 20 extra points of Hp is nothing. Not always increased health can save your life, and then climb once again to the bullets is not worth it. Playing for the knife no need to play the role of attack aircraft or tank, but caution and careful observation of your teammates will increase the chances of winning.
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