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Guide: how to play for the Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege

Guide: how to play for the Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

In this article we want to share the secrets and tricks of the game for the Korean Dokkaebi operative.

Grace Us or Dokkaebi (read as Dokkebi) was added to the game in the last update Operation White Noise, which was released on 20 November 2017. With the release of the add-on was a lot of time, but as practice shows, still some players are unable to understand how to play for the Dokkaebi.

Even before the release of the latest surgery, some modest players wanted to see in the game a fighter who can peek in camera protection. But then it seemed something impossible as the character attacks, able to mark enemy fighters in their camera would give the gameplay a serious imbalance. But as it turned out, for Ubisoft, nothing is impossible. This character appeared in Rainbow Six Siege and was extremely helpful. Surprisingly, no balance with the emergence of Dokkebi no injuries.

So, who is this Dokkebi? The operative part in the South Korean special forces 707TH SMB. She was born February 2, 1988 in Seoul. From childhood grace Us tried to prove themselves. The girl all the time was making something out of discarded electronics, staged fights with the neighborhood kids, and drove with the boys in football. Growing up, she went to University, but after graduation refused to continue the scientific activity. Instead, We went to serve in the army. Here she demonstrated excellent results. Grace was not only a terrific technician, but also a great fighter. Once the joint exercise with the Americans, Dokkebi was offered a selection to the 707TH SMB. Already in 707 battalion special purpose of Us learned about the existence of the Rainbow unit. Contrary to the opinion of the higher ranks, she managed to become part of the "Rainbow".

Weapons and stats Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi has medium armor and speed.

Primary weapon:

Mk 14 EBR
Damage: 60 (51 with a silencer)
Rate of fire: 1
Capacity: 20

Guide: how to play for the Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

A great option for combat at long range. Especially useful in places where there are long, well-viewed sites. For example, Mk 14 EBR, you can arrange fun for opponents, is located on the second floor of card "House". Enough to sit on the tower with the end of the house and make a few accurate shots at enemies.

Damage: 125
Rate of fire: 1
Convenience: 50
Capacity: 2

Guide: how to play for the Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

The melee weapon. With the proper level of skill can mow down enemies double damage. The only catch is the number of charges. In two vertical gun barrel fit only two rounds. That is, to use BOSG.12.2 requires well-developed skill exactly (the player, not the character). It is best to use this weapon in conjunction with the sight, angled handle for a quick transition into the aiming mode and a laser pointer for accurate shooting from the hip. BOSG.12.2 better to use on closer maps.

Additional weapons:

Damage: 35(29 with a silencer)
Rate of fire: 1000
Convenience: 50
Capacity: 26

Guide: how to play for the Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

A gun with a high rate of fire and accuracy of fire, as well as relatively easily controlled recoil. Great for skirmishes in the melee, because for this model the weapon is not available sights. However, having some experience with the CZ-75 can be used over great distances. There is already if not hit in the head, but at least will remove some health of the enemy.

Damage: 28
Rate of fire: 1270
Convenience: 50
Capacity: 32

Guide: how to play for the Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Gun the machine gun, which is initially equipped with a silencer. Modifiers of the barrel for SMG-12 there, but there are the sights, grip and laser sight. The weapon has some kind of incredible rate of fire, and at close/medium range is a real death machine. In the far distance is far more difficult to cope with high returns and enough high accuracy.


  • Mine "Claymore" x 1
  • Smoke grenade x 2

The main device in the Arsenal Dokkebi is the tablet with which the heroine can hack enemy phones to access the cameras or just to bring a bit of panic in the enemy ranks.

How to hack the cameras, playing for the Dokkaebi

It works as follows. As the investigators of the attack, each defender has a mobile phone, with which you can view surveillance cameras. Dying, players drop their phone on the ground. Usually they lie right next to their bodies. At this point Dokkebi can get to the device and crack it. After hacking all members of the attacking team have the opportunity to monitor the battlefield using a hacked camera.

It should be understood that dropped on the floor of a smartphone can get and representatives of enemy groups, they have the ability to wipe the device, so it does not been compromised. Or enemies can take cover near the bodies, and wait until Dockery will start to manipulate with his tablet and this time will be defenseless. So before you start hacking, make sure that everything is clean.

After getting access to the cameras on their screen appears a smiley-style icons Dokkebi. So the enemy team can understand that the opponent made a successful break-in and most likely already watching.

With the advent of Rainbow Six Siege Dokkebi lost the need to break absolutely everything on the stage. Henceforth, the process of destroying surveillance devices should be approached with the mind. For example, the camera located far from the point, can shoot. The same applies to cameras, through which the enemy is watching at the moment. But a strategic device through which you can see the staircase and passages near the "base" of the enemy to destroy is not necessary.

How to use logic bombs Dokkaebi

Also, the tablet Dokkebi can activate the so-called "logic bombs". If necessary, you can use a special ability of operatunity, which will allow you to make a call on phones on the enemy team. At this point, the smartphone opponents begin to vibrate, the opponents start to panic and try to escape to a secluded place to quickly turn off your phones. All because they know how easily the vibration can give out their location. In addition to this, the vibrate function does not allow you to listen to the surrounding sounds. So while the opponents are worn at the corners and try to disable the phones, team attacks can kill stunned enemies to take hostages, to put the deactivator and so on.

In fact, scenarios for the use of "logic bombs" quite a lot, and to come to them, not always need instructions. However, still don't understand how to play for Dokkebi, so sometimes can find even high-level players who feel compelled to use the gadget of operativity from the appearance point of the team.

In General, here are some of the most effective and popular tactics in the game "rung":

The rung during or after the installation of the charge
When the team attack, you must supply the deactivator and deactivate the bomb, the device Dokkebi can be very useful. To set the deactivator can be, again, in several ways. For example, start calling, then throw to the entrance to the point of a smoke grenade, carefully go up in smoke and start the deactivation of the bomb. If necessary, you can make the second rung, and throw another grenade.

Calling before you rush point
The use of "logic bombs" in the capture point is one of the main usage scenarios of the gadget Dokkebi. Everything is simple: create a stunning effect when the rung, and then getting a point and remove the enemy. Except that first it should take care of Romero (the players who control the area outside the main location of the team), which may suddenly go back.

The calls to search for roamers
Speaking of Romero. The point is that these companions can be from any entrance to the main building. Skilled players for a quick operatives is able to deliver many problems to the members of the attacking team. Upon entering the building, you must carefully check the nearby rooms for the presence of roamers. This can be done not only drones, but also "a logical bomb". Just calling and watching where the sound is. If the vibration is not around to hear – everything is clean, you can go. If the sound is there, then either go to another entrance, or try to gently kill Romero. The benefit in the latter case, the enemy is likely not going to spend time off the phone, and an offensive player would have a better chance in this duel.

The calls in difficult situations
In difficult situations when the player is alone against multiple opponents "logic bombs" are also able to render excellent service. Call, looking for the enemy by the sound of the kill.It should be understood that "logic bombs" is also a serious psychological weapon. Operatives who have in the pocket phone vibrates constantly, in any case will be jerky and nervous, knowing that their location is now at hand, and the enemy is on the doorstep.

Calling in the shootings
Also "logic bombs" can be used in cases where the teammates are in a firefight with the enemies. For example, the team entered the building, was suddenly faced with a group of enemies, followed by "exchange of courtesies". Make calling, the enemy starts to get nervous and make mistakes – superiority into the hands of your team.

Calling in conjunction with IQ
Also "logic bombs" Dokkebi makes sense to use in conjunction with other operatives. For example, with IQ. When the rung of IQ can activate the device DEAD and using it to determine the location of enemies. The fact is that when Dokkebi calling the enemy team, phones in pockets and hands of opponents are visible on the screen DEAD.

Calling in conjunction with Fuze
Another gadget Dokkebi can be used in cooperation with a fighter Fuze. To do this, make the calls, and when a team opponents will start to fuss or just freeze in place in an attempt to disable the phones, the Fuze will put a "Doll" and will cause nothing uncomprehending enemies blow explosive clusters. This tactic is especially effective in the moments when the point of the enemy is in a small room. But as in the case of IQ, and in this case, important teamwork and communication with a teammate.

*As a side note, I want to say that the action of "logic bombs" does not apply to operative Echo and the defending players that are close to the jammers fighter Mute. So if the enemy team consists of these operatives, Dokkebi should be extremely careful.

The result is that properly using the above tricks and tips, can be a good idea to increase the chances of his team winning the match. But in some situations to rely exclusively on this guide is not necessary, because the enemy can be cunning and agile, so sometimes the best tactic may be banal improvisation. Most importantly, playing for Dokkaebi not to go narozhon. Better to stay behind the team and follow what is happening with your teammates on the map..
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