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Many new details of the operation of Wind Bastion for Rainbow Six Siege

Many new details of the operation of Wind Bastion for Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

During the finals of the tournament Pro League for Rainbow Six Siege developer presented a fully operation Bastion Wind.

We already wrote that next season the game will add two new operatives from Morocco Kaid and Nomad. Only now we learned a lot more about the future replenishment of the roster.

Nomad – operative attack with medium armor and speed. As the main weapon of the Moroccan can use the AK-74M assault rifle or ARX200. As a secondary weapon at her semi-automatic handgun-a .44 Magnum caliber. Interestingly, this is the default weapon features a powerful scope like the ACOG. In the section of auxiliary gadgets Nomad are stun grenades and breakdown charges.
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The main device is a Nomad device Airjab rifle that fires sticky projectiles can knock away the enemy. Interestingly, Airjab do not cause damage to the enemy, but only desorientiert and shock trapped opponent. Sticky mines can be installed on different surfaces, and they work only when in their range the enemy will appear. Also shells the grenade launcher can be aimed straight at the enemy. And with a successful hit the opponent can throw in unfortified wall, whereby it will break, and the team attack will have at its disposal a new passage.

Kaid – another heavyweight for team protection: has low speed and high armor. In the graph secondary weapon Kaid, as the Nomad is a 44 caliber Magnum, and additional devices is barbed wire and shock grenades. As the main weapon of the Moroccan case officer could use the gun AUG A3 or shotgun TCSG12. The latter option is particularly curious, because this gun shoots projectiles of the type SLUG. The same ammunition is charged BOSG.12.2 the investigators Vigil and Dokkaebi. That's only Koreans have the gun charged, and TCSG12 as many as 10 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. Good? How about the ACOG sight in addition to everything already said? Sounds very impressive, right up to its release, the addition will be on the technical servers, so developers can still beat.
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The main skill Kaid is based on the supply of electricity to the fortified surfaces, and shields the wire by means of miniature devices Rtila. Here of particular interest are two facts. First, the Moroccan can provide protection not only to vertical surfaces, such as Bandit, but also horizontal, for example, ceiling hatches. Second, only one device Kaid'and maybe supplied with current by a chain of walls, shields and wires. The fact that the gadget Moroccan fighter has its own radius of action, thus, if metallic objects of protection are in the range of a Rtila, they will be electrified. Thanks to this feature fighter Maverick will not be so easy to relieve tension (if you know what I mean).

The new card, which will be included in the update Wind Bastion will become a "Fortress". This is a training ground in the Atlas mountains, performed in the scenery of ancient Kasbah. Here was a place of narrow corridors, the roof, wide halls with multiple entrances and external staircases, walk on which is extremely dangerous because of the possible crosses.
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