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The authors of Rainbow Six Siege serves a very important edits

The authors of Rainbow Six Siege serves a very important edits Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Montreal was sent to test servers Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is the set of critical edits.

After two years the developers at Ubisoft Montreal seem to have managed to find a panacea bugs with the curvature of the trajectory of projectiles. All this time the players were actively complaining that bullets in the game do not always fly in the direction of the target: sometimes a flying projectile wraps at a quirky arc like in the movie "Particularly dangerous". If the fix is validated, it is likely that in April the players can enjoy a more stable and accurate shooting.

Here it is worth noting that right now Ubisoft is testing the updated recoil system. The authors cited the effect of the impact of each type of weapons to more realistic settings.

Test servers "Siege" went another very important change. From now on players will not be able to shoot when you change the position of the body operative. In the gaming community shot during squats or in the process of adopting the supine position is called "Dropshot" (orig. - Dropshot), and thus fill the statistics of murders dubbed the "Graphotherapy". For most of the players "Siege" technique of shooting in the fall is considered to be unfair because the players who "Dropshot", in the end, have certain advantages over rivals. But very soon "Dropstars" will have to learn to shoot like everyone else.

Also in the process of testing proved to be balance tweaks operative Lion. Now the drone's a Lion will cease to display the silhouettes of operatives after the discovery stopped at the place. In addition, Lion will now be able to use a drone only twice per round, and recharge devices will grow to 20 seconds.
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