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Tomb Raider 2013 is a cross - platform computer action with RPG elements and smell the action film. Release date March 5, 2013. Developers was an American company Crystal Dynamics and canadian Eidos Montreal . Publisher Square Enix.
The gameplay is based on three options: solving puzzles and fighting the enemies and the salvation of the world. Duration 12-15 hours. In game three conditional parts: survival, escape and rescue. There are three difficulty levels that affect the combat system.
In the project are visible elements of nonlinearity and different mechanics of the process. There is a system that can be obtained if to collect the required number of relics, documents, to acquire the necessary skills or kill a certain number of enemies.
The player is given the possibility of movement on the island, which is completely open to the public. Originally it was planned to explore the area on horseback, but it never came to fruition, as the territory is not suitable for horseback riding Jogging.
The character can hide in shadows or quietly sneaking. Because of the dynamic system of shelter now, Lara can rapidly drop to the wall or to move between the shelters at high speed.
Levels has lost its linearity, and the world was half open. All locations are now divided into zones, between them are allowed to move to perform tasks.
Role-playing elements give freedom. The heroine can use the camp for creation and modernization of things, the acquisition of new skills and gaining experience.
The player while passing to do side quests, for example, explore the dungeon to find fragments of diaries and other objects, illuminating the background to the story line. In the game you can open some mysterious secret.
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Sexy Lara Croft has long makes you drool greater part of gamers.

Fresh screenshots

A dozen fresh renderings of the new Tomb Raider. The game comes out March 5, 2013 on Mac OS X , PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.
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Croft Couture #1: Jenn Croft

Hello! I think, for anybody not a secret that the series Tomb Raider was one of the favorite themes for fans of cosplay. So the Studio Crystal Dynamics in its official blog launched nebolshuu campaign Croft Couture, completely dedicated to the twins Lara. Today, especially for the readers of the portal I decided to translate the first part of the Croft Couture, the model for which was the American Genie Croft.

Release date Tomb Raider was postponed to 2013

Square Enix announced yesterday that they delay the release of Tomb Raider before the first quarter of 2013. Previously installed release date for September 2012. Darrell Gallagher (Darrell Gallagher, head of Studio, Crystal Dynamics, left a message on the official blog of the game and explains the delay, and said that Tomb Raider will be shown at E3 next month.
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