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Vagrant Story is a unique role-playing project, created for the PS1 console and quickly earned the title of "bestseller". The game became so popular that she decided to re-release for PS3 and PSP. The project takes place in a completely fictional country Valendia. The main character is Ashley Riot which is a special agent for the government service. It penetrates into the ancient ruined city of Lea Monde and finds himself embroiled in a power struggle, which started a supernatural power. Many residents of the city have turned into zombies, ghosts and other creatures, and in the suburbs you can find this magical forest and monstrously strong fire-breathing dragons.
Vagrant Story is different from many similar role-playing games and offers the gamer to move around the various mazes and dungeons, to enter into open battle with the enemies, find various treasures and solve many puzzles. Despite the fact that the developer is Japanese company Square, the game is not inherent in the presence of a detachment of the main characters. The protagonist alone pass the levels and communicates with other NPCs. The project contains a complex system of creation and modification of weapons, there is a huge amount of additional content and hidden stages, look which can only be the third or fourth pass.
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