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The main character of the game A Vampyre Story is a talented and beautiful singer Mona, but fate with it ordered not the best way. It has views of the vampire and part Baron of Saudi van Kiefer. He kidnaps Mona, bite turns her into a vampire and confined her in his castle. Only, you see, from all of the experience poor little has gone insane - nightly glass of blood she believes wine, a coffin in which she sleeps, calls bed. And it is unknown how long would continued its quiet insanity, if Baron Kmper was not suddenly killed fanatical priests. And now Mona had a chance not only to escape from her prison, but to get to the city of his dreams - to Paris!
In her difficult journey Monet will help the bat Frederik that will help you when solving the puzzles and cheer up his witty jokes. Here it should be noted that kind of black humor is the chip, which is what sets this game among all others. The quality of the humor was supported by high quality voice. And anyway, the game looks very high quality, characters and locations drawn very carefully, with love. And to the players did not get lost in abundance of details of locations, they were provided with a special button, which displays all of the active elements.
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