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Expected mulitpliers simulator War Thunder, demanding of the player, but returns for the time spent tons of fun.
Just a day after discovering this game comes to an understanding of why the pilots look out at the sky, not afraid of the word, loving eyes. It easily creates beautiful scenes that are long enough to hit the memory. Here for example "Mustang", the covering of which contains an incredible amount of stickers with half naked girls decides to make a sharp turn, and neat split rushed to German "Gustav", because the latter dared to attack the allied B-17. And there, as if in training clan sweeps smooth operation of the bombers, which act as a single unit. They persistently struggling through anti-aircraft fire, and work out exactly on target. But, your small Yak"... War Thunder in something like Battlefield, where in a few minutes occurs dozens, hundreds of unique situations that want again and again to discuss with friends.
War Thunder
?The game draws from the first seconds.

Is it worth playing?
In War Thunder you can fall in love for a few moments. Game of the week already instinctively look on Youtube thematic videos and constantly monitores Google for new ways of doing aerial combat. Then you realize that the current joystick this is not the case, and need a new study characteristics and Sauchiehall silhouettes of all aircraft. And I don't know what forum disputes and does not speak...
The duration and variety of aircraft:
War Thunder is covered by an impressive period of time, and about the number of aircraft and does not speak. If You just started playing you have to fly not terrible shelves, but reaching the final flight career you will take sabre or MiG-15. Bombers, fighters, attack planes to describe to infinity.
Oh how difficult it is for beginner...
I want to say - the game is simple and does not forgive mistakes. In principle there is no casual planes riding You can be sure that the iron machine will fix all Your mistakes. Take just a couple of incorrect or inappropriate turns and be ready to shake off the tail plane, which can kill quickly and mercilessly.
Want to fly really impressive, beautifully and professionally? Then have a long and hard work, to teach shapes maneuvers and tactics of air combat. And if You want to quickly and easily overcome the insidious enemy, you have to memorize even the characteristics of most aircraft, and correctly analyze the situation on the battlefield.
War Thunder
?Operate on the principle of figs with it with training and experience, so learn? Oh and a lot of You will have to fall...
But! The developers managed to organize the process smooth preparation of the player. First You will participate exclusively in the entertainment mode, where you just need a monotonically to bomb technique, or to capture certain areas on the map. And thanks to the "air" recharge very fast "spawn" action does not stop even for a second. You can also create your own custom battles, rules which you can customize as You wish.
War Thunder
?When the top fly dozens of bombers, tank crew can only pray.
A pilot of the aircraft:
The modes I want to praise and praise. Using the mouse and special instructor of the most serious mistakes you can avoid, but as soon as the hand then you can go to the bundle keyboard + mouse.
If you are a seasoned professional you can try to switch on the joystick. It was then that War Thunder and bare fangs. Each aircraft is controlled individually, for example, take the capricious the Airacobra, which at the slightest error begins to fall into a tailspin.
The result:
If You are not willing to give the game plenty of time then it is better not to start. It fits excellent student expression - "know the facts!". Believe me, War Thunder this incredible simulator in which simply no a bad aircraft, and "weak" nation. If You will treat the game seriously, then she will turn to You the most beautiful side. Because video games were created so that You could from the monotony of everyday life to move in stunning heavenly battles, which are unlikely to encounter in real life.
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may 8-11 - Action Victory!

The War Thunder team wishes everyone a happy Victory Day and in honor of the holiday offers bonuses, promotions and awards at the weekend.

The game marks the first anniversary

War Thunnder the first time celebrated its anniversary, albeit not serious enough. And yet a year ago this MMO, which is devoted to the Navy, armored vehicles and combat aircraft became available for Russian-speaking segment of players, and it then started a beta test. Since then, the game played about five million people around the world.
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The presentation of the game on IgroMir! 2013

The exhibition "IgroMir 2013" which was held in Moscow, was attended by tens of thousands of people, particularly popular stand Gaijin Entertainment, especially gamers appreciated the Exclusive display tank battles in the game War Thunder.
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