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Dancooper WOT MOD

We humans tend to plan for the future, Yes, there are people who say. That live for today, but they are obviously disingenuous, it is impossible to live without a plan. Games are a reflection of our lives, especially multiplayer, then we also make plans for the future: what to buy, what to upgrade etc. But sometimes we don't have time for all those to follow, or too many factors have to be taken into account, or the developers forced to limit our ability in the math...Every tank one way or another from the beginning of his gaming activities, began to consider the scheme of pumping and subsequent purchase of those or other tanks. But here's the thing. We are not always able to correctly calculate the time that will be spent on the study of a particular technology, therefore, often is scheduled weeks we spend a whole month this mod, which I provided to you today will not save you from mistakes and miscalculations, but will somehow help to reduce their number.
It will always show and tell you how much experience you have before pumping a module. You probably do not quite understand why we need this mod, if it's just enough to go to tree research and see for yourself. Well, firstly this mod will help you see it all without much fuss, but this is not its main feature, except that it also takes into account your average amount received for the battle experience and calculates the number of required fights to pump a module or tank. In General, this completes the functionality of this mod...I Agree, a trifle, but how convenient and nice).

Dancooper WOT MOD World of Tanks

Dancooper WOT MOD World of Tanks
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  • Date: 10 October 2016 17:48

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