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Quite to spend time on earth game! In the online space strategy WORLD OXSAR you can realize all your gaming potential. Register and play from any browser or phone and you will uncover the mysterious WORLD OXSAR. Create military and economic infrastructure on their own planet and go to colonize other, conquer new star systems and galaxies. WORLD OXSAR - a multiplayer online game where you can invite friends and to unite their efforts in the attack on the enemies and defense, to use a unique battle system, and own combat simulator. The exchange will allow you to trade resources, ships and artifacts with other players, research will open up new technologies and more sophisticated weapons systems. Using a variety of strategies and tactics development, you will expand your Empire, and to increase its influence on other galaxies in the name of the main goal - to become the master of the universe in the WORLD OXSAR!
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Protection system players

Protection works in the World Oxsar so that players could be relatively relaxed about the impossibility of an attack from a very strong player. The protection itself is based on the number of points of potential participants of the battle.
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It would seem, than still it is possible today to surprise the most experienced gamer, experienced eyes which day-to-day sweeps infinite number of modern games? It turns out that the chance to hit is still there.
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